Nelson Garcia is a saxophonist & recording artist. He has been in the music industry for over 10 years. He is a father of 3 children and married to his best friend Sonia. Nelson comes from a family of ministers and preachers and among them musicians and singers, so music has been in his blood since he was born.

He loves music, loves to go to the beach, play games with family and invest in others. As a musician he has overcome a lot of challenges in his early career.

Took many private lessons and recently enrolled in Berklee College of music for a B.A in music writing and production. His music is based on his spiritual life and well as his personal experience.

He is passionate for teaching and helping other musicians who might be challenged in some musical area or might some guidance. He has also done some missionary work. In 2012 he went to Chinandega , Nicaragua to minister through music ministry. Helping and providing others with food was part of this trip. In 2013 he went to Ecuador where was able to engage his ministry in local correctional facilities and bring soothing sounds to the inmates.

As a musician, Nelson has also participated in many charitable events in Connecticut. He has helped and played in fundraising events for cancer survivors and more. Above all, he has a heart for people and loves to connect and engage with people from all nations and colors. His music has blessed thousands through out the world.