Sez Zion Jazz Band was formed in 2001 out of Bridgeport, Connecticut .The band consists of a quartet of great musicians from all walks of life. Each member has their own unique style of play that has become a great asset to the band. Their expertise has catapulted the band to create a very sought after sound to being very well known on the East Coast. It all began with the desire to share and capture the essence of music through playing with great musicians having both the drive, desire and love for God and music.“Coming together as a band seemed very easy to do. It all just fit together. Music was coming and the chemistry began to flow.”

All compositions are original materials written by Sez Zion band members and then smoothed over by music director C. Lamont Williams. Though this is the main forte of Sez Zion, they have no problem remaking a classic into their own unique style of play. Each and every composition is made personal through Sez Zion’s passion, character and life experiences. Their music is created to fit the lives of people of all ages and all walks of life. Smooth piano sounds, heavy bass lines, and silky guitar chords accompanied by a rhythmic beat fills to uplift the heavy heart and ease the troubled mind.

Sez Zion’s brand of jazz has spread like wild fire! In high demand by many, Sez Zion is on the rise to greater heights and deeper depths in the music industry. The band has played on numerous stages throughout the years. Sez Zion has made a great name for themselves locally and beyond and will only “keep moving forward”, accepting nothing less than the best for what God has for them.