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Testimonials Provided By Other Jazz Patrons:

I’ve been going since my son was 2, now he’s 8. We always enjoy the music, the food, and all the other good stuff that takes place.

– Marsha

What took me so long?! Born and raised in Hartford, I’ve heard of the Jazz Festival for years. My husband and I attended for the first time in 2014 and now it’s an event we look forward to attending EVERY year.

I’ve been able to see my favorite artists and became a fan of one more. I think the best addition to the festival are the large speakers and monitors that allow you to enjoy the concert from anywhere in and around the park.

Saturday is my favorite day/night. I appreciate all who help to make this a spectacular event each year.


– Nita

I am a Hartford native who moved away many years ago. This was my first time attending the Festival and had the pleasure of providing my photography assistance to the team. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I look forward to returning again where my schedule allows.

Special Thanks to Charles Christie and the wonderful Team. Great Job by all! Fantastic Music! Thanks for the opportunity to assist!

– Henry Jennings Jr

Music fills the soul and lifts the spirit. It brings living beings together in harmony and peace. When played outdoors it’s reach can be vast, bringing neighborhoods together into joyful community. For 20 years, rain or shine, on a summer weekend, the Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz has done just that by bringing in a mix of styles, ensembles & performers both nationally known and upcoming local talent to audiences for FREE!! Anyone and everyone comes for the atmosphere and for the music! There is something very special about sharing this great experience with so many. Heartfelt thanks to Charles, Rick, Alvin and the rest who make it possible. May the Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz continue to thrive for years and years to come!

– Carol Sexton

This was the second time for us attending The Hartford Jazz Festival. We usually attend the Capitol Jazz in Maryland, let me tell you I will never go there anymore because this was the best experience I ever had at a Jazz Festival and not because it was free. I just love everything about the experience. See you next year. “The Best Kept Secret”

– Patricia Spooner

I have been attending the Jazz Festival since the beginning and it just gets better every year. 2015 was wonderful, especially Saturday, which has become my favorite day during the event. Looking forward to the 25th!!!

– Pamela

I have spent over 25 years in Hartford Bushnell Park experiencing Jazz and other forms of music. The Greater Hartford Jazz Festival brings family, friends and strangers from various cultures together for a weekend of fellowship through a musical connection. I am very appreciative to the Greater Hartford Jazz Festival; I started volunteering my services to give back for all you have given me and my family.

– Debra Mauldin

This was the first time for us attending The Hartford Jazz Festival. Let’s just say it won’t be our last. Coming from the home of the Newport Jazz Festival, I must say I loved this venue so much better. The music was phenomenal, and the atmosphere was unbelievable. I loved to see family and friends gathering to listen to the sounds of good jazz. An unforgettable weekend for sure. Thank you Hartford!

– Gaynell Coleman & David Best

Saturday night was fantastic. Great weather, great talent and the coolest collection of people possible. Kudos to all the people and sponsors who made this possible.

– Phil Dupuis

The Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz is perhaps the best free Jazz concert in the country. Many thanks for a wonderful experience!

– Ezra Randolph

It was the best show ever. I traveled all the way from Virginia Beach, Virginia! I am looking forward to next year!

– Denise Williams

Always a summertime highlight. Saturday night crowd was the largest I’ve ever seen. Who says Hartford has nothing to offer. Thanks to the festival committee for doing a first class job.

– John DeMino

Went to Capitol Jazz Festival and enjoyed Hartford Jazz Festival much more. Great job and awesome venues. Great job by all. You have put Hartford on the map as a safeplace to enjoy yourself and relax.

– John

I have been attending festivals for more than 30 years. Hartford, you have topped the Set. Regular people making it Special. Congratulations to the TEAM led by Charles C. All of you were repectful, helpful and displayed a professionalism toward attendees that was of the highest standard that I have ever seen and experienced. I am glad my family and I had the opportunity to meet your President. The music was a class ACT.

– R. Griffin – NYC

Seeing old and new friends, hearing Toscha Comeaux use her vocal instrument and jazz-craft, watching Lummie/Buster, Alvin Carter, Sr. and Alvin Carter, Jr., the Byrd and Porter music makers, and hanging with Bro. Glenn and Kimo at the ID Bracelet table made for a most memorable and fun Sunday afternoon and evening. Charles, Hortense, Glenn and GHFJ Promoters did a great job. I experienced a wonder filled moment.

– Tom Smith

We had a fabulous time at GHFJ 2013. We especially enjoyed Arturo Sandoval. Wonderful music. We are so lucky to have this wonderful, free event in Hartford. Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters and to Hartford Jazz Society.

– Joanne Lawson

Every summer as I look forward to the Monday night Jazz Concerts put on by the Hartford Jazz Society, I can’t wait for the GHFJ weekend to come. I mean that makes it 4 straight days of jazz, but the very BEST part is when I see my friends from all over Hartford, the cities finest folks, who spread happiness and good times over the City of Hartford. Hartford is an amazing hotbed for the arts!!!!! I love Hartford!

– Jill R. Friedman

I grew up in the Southend of Hartford and my wife and I always look forward to the GHFJ each July. We always go for two days and stay for the whole day. We can’t wait to go again this year.

– Rich & Sharon D.

I had a great time June 21, 2012. All the artists were outstanding. Great view, great friends, great weather. Outstanding event. You guys do a fabulous job putting this event together. I hope it continues for years to come. In closing keep up the good work and looking forward to next year.

– Mike B.

For the past five years I have had the pleasure of being Alvin’s assistant stage manager at the Hartford Jazz Festival. Everyone on the board, and the many volunteers, have made me feel welcome each summer. Further, working closely with the great list of musicians is the highlight of the many shows that I work each year. Thanks for letting me be a part of the backstage family!

– Rich Abrams

Excellent! Fabulous music and great marketplace. Nice opportunity for community connection as well. Keep up the great work!

– Jazz Patron

The Greater Hartford Jazz Fest is my favorite weekend of the summer. I love the line ups, the socializing with friends- new and old, the setting. The volunteers and the Board do a wonderful job. So grateful to have this event in the city of Hartford.

– Beth

Who says Hartford is dead?? The Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz proves otherwise. One of the highlights of the entire summer season year after year. Keep up the fantastic work!

– Jazz Patron

To Whom This May Concern:

As a participating performer in the 2009 Greater Hartford Jazz Festival, I just want to say that during my show as I looked out over the happy faces in the crowd, I seriously realized the importance of the artist-live audience relationship. The disappearing of jazz radio has increased the importance of people being able to see and hear their favorite artists in a live setting like the Hartford Jazz fest. And the fact that they can present it as a free concert is even more impressive in these rough economic times. I have seen this music we love so much bring people of all races and ethnicities together like few other things can. The cultural importance of making jazz (the only original American art form) available to the public is immeasurable, and we in the artistic community as well as the fans every where are praying that it can continue.

Thank you,

Bobby Lyle

To The Entire Staff at the Greater Hartford Jazz Festival:

I had a wonderful time this past weekend! I’m also very honored. You put the “soul” back in Jazz. The music was great and warm. The staff was ego and stress-free and you got it done without breaking a sweat. I enjoyed Sunday’s lineup. It was cool and refreshing. Azar had the spirit of Coltrane in the park. Bobby Lyle was wonderful. Wow. Congratulations to you all for a great weekend and thank you for having me a part of it. On behalf of Brenda Hazel and myself, “thank you” and much continued success in 2010.

Today, I’m in the studio all day to see what new musical concoctions can be derived from your inspired event, then off to the Norfolk Jazz Fest (with George Duke and Jean Carne) followed by South Africa and the UK.

Thanks for making Hartford part of a wonderful and blessed journey.


Bob Baldwin and Brenda Hazel

Hi Ric, Hortense, Alvin, Phil & the whole GHFJ team!

Just home from two weeks on the road and wanted to drop a note to say THANKS THANKS THANKS for having us in for this years festival! It was a thrill to bring this all-star band to the festival and we had a ball playing there!

What a beautiful and inspiring setting for a show… I can’t thank you enough for what you do for this music, all as volunteers and taking the time out of your lives to present such an amazing event! It was a pleasure to work with all of you and we definitely have great memories from the show and our brief time in Hartford.

It was definitely one of the highlights of the summer thus far! Keep fighting the good fight for jazz, you obviously have an audience that appreciates your hard work greatly.

If there’s ever anything I can do to help support you all in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask. On behalf of the whole band, kudos on a job well done. Hope we’ll have a chance to return there in the years to come!

Take care,

Lao Tizer