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We finally know why live music makes us so emotional


Hearing live music may be more stirring than listening to a recording of the same tune because it triggers greater activity in the part of the brain linked to processing emotions. Sascha Frühholz at the University of Zurich in Switzerland and his colleagues composed 12 pieces of music, each lasting 30 seconds. Half were written […]

The magic moment when music makes dad and mom (a little bit) cool

the magic moment

The song coming from inside my teenage son’s room was familiar from my senior year of high school, many moons ago. I nudged his door open with a smile and nodded to his speaker: “Whatchu know about that song?!” He was standing by a heap of sweatshirts and joggers, folding his laundry. And he told […]

Music could be the secret to fighting off dementia

music could be

There’s nothing like a nostalgic song to transport you back to a special time and place — and now a new study has shown that music could help protect those memories for a lifetime. Researchers at the University of Exeter discovered that people who “engage in music” over the course of their lives tend to […]

Waterbury native wins Grammy for jazz album

waterbury native

A Waterbury native is now a Grammy Award winner! Nicole Zuraitis, a jazz singer and songwriter won her first Grammy — “Best Vocal Jazz Album” on Sunday night for her album “How Love Begins”. “When I get on stage, that’s where I want to be, I feel the most confident, that’s where I feel to […]

Playing a musical instrument good for brain health in later life

Playing a musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument or singing could help keep the brain healthy in older age, UK researchers suggest. Practising and reading music may help sustain good memory and the ability to solve complex tasks, their study says. In their report, published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, they say music should be considered as part of […]

Not Not Jazz

Not Not Jazz

When Miles Davis went electric in the late 1960s, he overhauled his thinking about songs, genres, and what it meant to lead a band. In 1968 Miles Davis let his second quintet dissolve. He no longer needed a small working band, the stable unit of semi-equals that had been customary both to his way of […]

15 Jazz Albums For People Not Sure They Like Jazz

jazz albums

These 15 jazz albums for people not sure they like jazz provide a gateway to a style or artist – an invitation to enter and hopefully emerge wanting more. Jazz is more than a musical genre. It’s an entire universe of sound. From its inception in early 20th-century New Orleans, jazz shifted in form and […]

4 Musical Signs Of High Intelligence

4 Musical Signs Of High Intelligence

A preference for instrumental music indicates higher intelligence, research finds. People who like ambient music, smooth jazz, film soundtracks, classical music and similar genres without vocals tend to have higher IQs. While vocal music might be seen as the ‘opposite’ of instrumental music, liking vocal music has no link to IQ. → Enjoying this article? […]

We are now embarking on the 33rd Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz


Greetings JazzFest Family! We are now embarking on the 33rd Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz “Musical Journey”, featuring Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Traditional Jazz, and a touch of R & B. We are the largest FREE Jazz Festival in New England. We need you support to help make this year’s festival experience a success “We […]

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